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Astronomy has developed from bare naked-eye observations in the past to the use of sophisticated instruments, like large telescopes, better imaging devices, satellites, and space missions in recent times. Research in the field of Astronomy requires a large fraction of dedicated individuals to incorporate ideas and take the quest of understanding the universe to the next level. In the present scenario, lesser students are motivated to take up astronomy as a research option, the main reason being a lack of awareness of the challenges offered in this field. We undertook a project to develop documentary films on Astronomy Research in India “Astroproject”, that aims to record and document the various aspects of research and development in the field of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Science in India and also highlight the facilities in terms of research laboratories, observatories, and state of the art instrumentation. The documentary project created awareness and inspired students toward Astronomy research. It also highlighted the contribution of Astronomers, Astrophysicists, and Space scientists in India who have contributed towards a new outlook of the Universe today. Through this project, we helped create awareness by educating the masses specifically the student community, about the research work and facilitates provided by the premier Astronomy research institutes in the country.

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