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The Climate Challenge

We are on the brink of a Climate Crisis. There are empirical evidence of changing climate across the planet. The worst affected regions that are facing the brunt of climate change are the Cryospheric regions of the world (Arctic, Antarctic, and the Himalayas) and also the Oceans. The Arctic sea ice cover has declined over 30 percent in recent years and the region is also noticing rapid thawing of Permafrosts,  while a report suggests that at least a third of the Himalayan glaciers are expected to melt by the end of this century. Our oceans are becoming warmer and also acidic. Concerns about climate change and its impact on land, the environment, and mankind have been growing lately. These changes impose new forms of challenges. Conducting any scientific research activities in some of these regions is extremely difficult due to its harsh climatic conditions, undulating and inaccessible terrain, and the remoteness of field sites. Working in extreme environments does present some daunting challenges. Be it battling the freezing Antarctic temperatures or walking on dangerous glaciers at almost 17000 ft, in the Himalayas, today’s scientists with exploratory instincts are reaching unimaginable frontiers.


         The film takes you on a journey documenting these scientists conducting research in the Arctic, Himalayas, and the Southern Ocean and them experiencing some life-threatening situations, in order to get the scientific data.

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